Sports and leisure


Paragliding over the dunes

Gleitschirmfliegen über den Dünen To paraglide you first have to be a good walker...Then carefully set out your paraglider so that ...Everything will work well afterwards....
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The Peninsula from on high

montgolfiere In June we had the idea of floating above our North Médoc peninsula to see it from the air. Our starting point was “ Montgolfières du Médoc” at the Port de Richard. We had to wait several days for the right weather (i.e. wind) conditions...
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The twirling girls of Saint-Vivien

Les filles de Saint-Vivien au twirling... It was four years ago at the SAM Omnisports Club at Lesparre-Médoc that the baton twirling club first saw the light of day. Then, wishing to acquire more independence, Isabelle Jobic, the founder of the club, contacted the mairie of Saint-Vivien and with the agreement of the mayor, M Dubernet, she took over the gym that has an adequate ceiling height for the twirling batons...
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Polo and wine – a perfect symbiosis

Polo and wine – a perfect symbiosis Already back in 1973 Pierre Tari, at that time owner of Château Giscours, founded the Polo Club de Bordeaux. Over one decade this team shaped the French Polo and won several times the French Championships as well as the famous Cowdray Park Challenge Cup in Great Britain in 1989. Part of the team of the Polo Club de Bordeaux was Louis Tari...
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Fishing on Eastern

Fishing on Eastern From the port of Pauillac in the quiet of the morning Weather: wind and sun. Ships laden with food, drinks, fishing rods and hooks. The wind helping with setting the sails: Heart of Grenadine (3 persons), Moby Dick" (2 persons) and West Wind (2 persons) for a mini regatta, keeping a contact on VHF channel 72 , to Port Médoc where we will join Jedak (5 persons) based in Port Bloc...
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In the air with Alain

In the air with Alain In the Médoc we don’t see too many aeroplanes; occasionally we see vapour trails across the sky or we hear a buzzing sound from way up high, like a large angry insect. And now here I am sitting on this flying object! The buzz is intense and the wind whistles in my ears. It rolls forward in a stuttering movement, you feel the aircraft vibrate and then it takes off. When I look down, I see a mirror of water and the green of the forests down below... Alain, the owner and pilot of a motorized hang glider offers regional trips by air...
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The Médomarocaine

The Médomarocaine My name is Clémence de Pourtalès, I am a first year student for the national diploma of oenologist. I am looking forward to the start of the 4 L Trophy above all because it has a humanitarian purpose. Then there is the adventure in the middle of the desert and the Moroccan mountains. I think I will experience total disorientation! The fact that I will be sharing the adventure with 3000 other students as well as my team-mate makes it all the more exciting...
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