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On our multilingual internet site you will find descriptions of excursions, visits cultural or sports events, reports about creative, social and associative, initiatives, learning and training opportunities, special skills, interesting people and places, you will take a share in others' ideas and impressions in relationship with their Médoc experience.

Gunhild Lorenzen, painting

Gunhild Lorenzen My mother used to paint, and from the moment I was born, she took me with her to her studio. For her, it was the simplest thing, and for me, it was the most wonderful thing. At the age of two, I was so inspired and fascinated by the fantastic colors of my mother's universe that I would imitate her armed with brushes and paper, completely absorbed in my happiness and joy of living....
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The man who plants trees

The man who plants trees Michel has always loved trees, it started when he was a child. When I met him, he was fifty-seven years old and his untamed love for nature, the forest and trees in general put me right away under his spell. In Hernan, our farm in the Medoc near the Gironde estuary, we have planted together as many trees as we possibly could. We have spent years and years of work...
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In the steps of the « Cockleshell Heroes »

Frankton It was 80 years ago that Operation Frankton took place in the Médoc. In memory of that operation, 10 kayakists from the Sport Athlétique Merignacais association departed with their canoes from Montalivet. Their aim was to retrace the route of Operation Frankton. At the invitation of the mayor of Montalivet, the athletes first warmed themselves with a breakfast at The Cube...
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Playing Games in Europe : Doppelkopf

Playing Games in Europe : Doppelkopf As lovers of Doppelkopf we’ve long wondered how we could organise a Doppelkopf group here in France. Would the French be likely to take up this typically German game? And how do we explain in French the different versions of the game...
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Saint Vivien de Médoc under the Occupation

Saint Vivien de Médoc under the Occupation In 2022 the National Union of Combattants of Saint Vivien de Médoc - North Médoc, will celebrate its centenary. Thanks to its unanimously acknowledged social and memorial value it still has 80 members today. Its strength is that everyone, veteran or not, with any memories to pass on, in the broadest sense, is welcome...
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Aquarelles of Didier Convard

Aquarelle von Didier Convard take a look
Julia at Cordouan

Julia au Cordouan In the pure salty air, tinged with the volatile scent of her tiara flower lip balm, Julia plunges into the sea to make her way to the shore. Without even a moment’s hesitation, her brothers and sisters follow her. She clambers eagerly onto the sand bank which hides the horizon from her but reveals the misty top of the “King of Lighthouses” on its rocky plateau...
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We don’t throw away, we repair

Wir werfen nicht weg, wir reparieren! A visit to the Repair Café of Eysines inspired us to set up something similar in the South Médoc. The idea of repairing rather than throwing away appealed to us as an ecological initiative that reduces our rubbish while at the same time creating and deepening the links between citizens...
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Kourabiedes The idea of these delicious Christmas biscuits came to us from the TV - Ingredients: 200g ground almonds, 320g butter (soft/at room temperature), 250g sugar, 1 egg yolk, 10 ml eau-de-vie (strong alcohol), pinch of salt, 500g flour, 100 ml orange juice (plus a little extra for finishing), pinch ground cloves, 300g icing sugar, Oven temperature 180* C; Preparation...
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